* Beginning in 2006, we have added landscaping to the Dade City Cemetary. This is an ongoing project.

In Spring of 2007, we designed and installed new landscaping in Lester Park after winning a grant from Principal Financial Group. We purchased a Blue Star Memorial marker and held a dedication ceremony in conjunction with the city

We have upgraded the driveway adjacent to our Clubhouse and intalled additional landscaping surrounding the Bridal Arbor and Celebration Patio. We finished a major remodeling of the clubhouse kitchen and baths (Fall 2012) 

 In 2016, we upgraded the driveway and installed additional drainage for the circle drive.

Several circles sponsor students annually to Camp Wekiva during the summer (under FFGC). Circles also sponsor Christmas families.

 We are currently looking at youth projects in conjunction with the Friends of the Library.